Citizens measuring air quality

We are a group of citizens who are concerned about the air quality in Brussels. With InfluencAir, we want to raise awareness by measuring and mapping local pollution levels.
How? We aim to build a comprehensive sensor network covering the whole Brussels region.

Learn more about InfluencAir in this presentation.

What do we measure ?

We measure particulate matter: PM10 and PM2.5. These are small particles in the air, mostly generated by cars, heating and agricultural processes, that can penetrate into our lungs, and via blood, into our brain and other organs.

Why do we care?

Air pollution increases the chance on cardiovascular disease, strokes and certain forms of cancer. It can also cause or worsen asthma and chronic bronchitis. According to government data 632 premature deaths per year in Brussels are caused by air pollution.

Story behind InfluencAir

InfluencAir is a collaboration of Civic Lab Brussels, a biweekly action-oriented gathering of open data enthusiasts and Clean Air Brussels, a citizens movement concerned with air quality. We are inspired by the work of Luftdaten, a project initiated in Stuttgart, which has already thousands of sensors up and running and make use of their knowhow and infrastructure.

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